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Page 493History of Story County, IowaPage 493

[Corrections to the book printed here have been omitted. The corrections have been applied to the text in the book.[


Colo, Henry Yeager.
Nevada, H. C. Boardman.
Maxwell, W. M. Starr.
Ames, W. M. Greeley.
Cambridge, D. W. C. Beck.
Zearing, N. R. Clift.
Story City, H. R. Boyd.
Sheldahl, J. A. Anderson.


C. G. McCarthy, AuditorNevada.
Henry Wilson, Jr., Clerk of Courts"      
J. A. Mills, Treasurer"      
J. M. Ingram, Recorder"      
C. A. Wood, Sheriff"      
Ole O. Roe, Sup't. of Schools"      
G. W. Dyer, County Attorney"      
R. H. Mitchell, Surveyor"      
John I. Hostetter, CoronerColo.
R. W. Ballard, SupervisorStory City.
J. R. Stewart,    "Colo.
Anfin Ersland,    "Cambridge.

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