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NEWS ITEMS 1885 & 1886
Page 126History of Story County, IowaPage 126

According to the forthcoming census report of Iowa, that state has twenty-five centenarians. Thirteen are 101 years old; three 102 years; one 103; two 104; one 105; one 106; one 107; one 112; and one, Jacob Heike, of Grundy, who is 121 years of age. There are thirty-five persons whose ages range from ninety-five to ninety-nine years.—(Nov. 27, 1885.)


There is but one kind of true friendship and that is a genuine attachment for the person befriended. There are many pretended friends—the world is full of them—we all have such—they flock around us like Sunday school scholars do at a Christmas entertainment, or like the rough-feathered vulture about a carcass; yet they are no more our friends than the average Sunday school scholar is an admirer of his lesson, or the vulture of the animal before it has died and passed into decay. One man feigns to be your friend because he thinks you have money or social standing, or political influence, and by associating with you he hopes to gratify some selfish end, but for the real personal pronoun You, he cares nothing. Then we have the literary friend who wants to be "solid" with you because of his chance to borrow a dozen new books your fine library contains; or he may wish to have frequent access to your collection of rare specimens or to behold your collection of works of art. These are not our real friends, they are mere hangers-on. They simply come under the head of admirers of our personal effects and as a common rule care but little for us. But very few of us can measure or weigh friendship until the testing day comes. When adversity takes from us our property; when our books and collection and works of art, and all that money has bought for us are swept away by fire or flood and we move from Best street to a rented cottage on Poor Alley, ,and when we work with our hands for the bread we eat, we can tell then and not until then just who our true friends have been all along the meanderings of life's journey.

On Sunday afternoon John Steward, of southeast Nevada township had his house burned. A portion of the contents only were saved. The loss is about $1,200, and the insurance $600.—(December 18, 1885.)

The annual reunion of the family of J. H. Keigley will occur at his residence in this place on Friday, and all are expected. Of course the best of time will be had.—(Dec. 18, 1885.)

The number of cars of stock and grain shipped from Nevada during the year 1885 were as follows: Of stock, 150 cars; of grain, 191 cars. For the first six months of 1886 there were of grain sixteen; cars of stock for same time were seventy.Wm. Clark & Co. shipped a car of horses and mules Saturday

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