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Page 209History of Story County, IowaPage 209

touching section 6 near its southeast corner and at the south quarter section corner of section 6. A branch runs through sections 17 and 18, and empties into the Harvey Dye branch. Another branch passing very near the south quarter section corner of section 19—then runs northwesterly and leaves section 19 near its west quarter section corner. Also a branch of Clear Creek running from section 10 and through sections 15, 24 and 25—touching sections 14 and 23—leaving the county a little north of the southeast corner of section 25. And yet another branch passing from section 16 through sections 21, 22, 27 and 35—cutting off the southwest corner of section 26, and leaving the township in the southeast quarter of section 35 and flowing. into and forming an extensive flat, wet land in section 1, township 82, range 21.

The township has its school houses all in place except No. 3.

Colo has three or more church buildings—one a Methodist Episcopal Church, costing about $2,000, and a membership of thirty. The M. Protestant Church organization is not very large in membership. They have a church building. The Catholic Church cost $1,100 and was built in 1883. The membership for Colo and Nevada, (or the whole county,) is claimed to be three hundred.

Four miles south of Colo there is a United Brethren Church, built in 1886, at which Methodists and United Brethren meet to worship. This church is in the southeast corner of section 30, township 83, range 21, costing $1,200.

For the business men of Colo (see Directory). Henry Yager is ticket agent.

It has a cemetery in the north part of the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 9, and is a nice place for it. It was regularly blocked and lotted by survey, and is a short distance east of Colo. For further information, (see "Cemetery" in Index).

Colo has had eight Mayors .since its incorporation, viz: S. L. Bailey, first one, succeeded by P. E. Granger, L. Wilkins, I. S. French, W. S. Morgan, P. E. Granger, A. T. Bartlett and W. A. Miller, the present Mayor. Its first postmaster was J. H. Voorhies; its present one is J. R. McCoy. The post-office was established in June, 1864. The town was named in accord with the post-office—Colo

Among the shippers of stock and grain from Colo are E. A. Dayton, John Stewart, — Hawley, C. Mead, C. Fish, W. A. Miller, C. V. Norris.

Those who raise stock and feed for sale are Nelson Perry, Henry Trites, E. B. Carver, C. Mead, C. Gearhart, T. Coil, J. Keily, M. O'Donnell, P. Mulcahy, J. Mulcahy, L. Cummings, J. Pekin, Joshua Cooper, George McGibbon, J. T. Graves, P. W. Hopkins,

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