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Page 21History of Story County, IowaPage 21

Prouty and James Corben, assisting justices of the peace of their respective townships. The next election was held in August of the same year—precincts the same—at which election the following persons received the votes:
    John J. Zenor,    32
    David Wilkinson,    24
    S. M. Cory,    5
    Otho French,    41
    F. Thompson,    14
    R. H. Robinson,    29
Drainage Commissioner,
    Adolphus Prouty,    31
School fund Commissioner,
    Stephen P. O'Brien,    46
    April, 1854 is the date of the
next election. The number of
precincts having been increased
to five, Franklin, Washington, In-
dian Creek, Nevada and Lafay-
ette. Only one county office was
    filled at this election.
School fund Commissioner,
    T. E. Alderman,    59
    Stephen O'Brien,    43
    Wm. Alderman,
The next election was held Aug. 7,1854, at which there were one hundred and nine votes cast as follows :
County Judge,
    Adolphus Prouty,    36
    E. C. Evans,    66
    Austin Prouty,    58
    Nathaniel Jennings,    151
Prosecuting Attorney,
    Eli H. French,    62
    Wm. L. Burge,    1
    E. H. French,    29
    At the election in August, 1855
there were 235 votes cast.
County Judge,
    E. C. Evans,    198
    J. P. Robinson,    12
    J. H, McLain,    40
Recorder and Treasurer,
    J. C. Moss,    128
    Adolphus Prouty,    77
    Isaac Romain,    30
    Geo. W. Child,    72
    J. J. Zenor,    78
    S. H. Dye,    52
    R. H. Robinson,    16
    D. J. Morris,    150
    E. H. French,    85
Coroner,    69
    R. Hackley,
    J. C. Lovell    2
    J. N. Robinson,    3
    B. Broughard,    15
    C. Wood,    2
    Wm. Wood,    3
    Isaac Hague,    7
    J. Griffith,    12
    April 7, 1856.
    E. G. Day,    357
    Wm. Bennett,    6
School Fund Commissioners,
John J. Bell,    234
S. S. Webb,    160
    For prohibitory stock law, 119
Against,    $2
    At this election, Union town-
ship held her first election.
    Aug, 4, 1856.
    W m. Thompson,    206
    E. G. Day,    148
    E. B. Fenn,    78
Prosecuting Attorney,
    J. S. Frazier,    220
    J. L. Dana,    86
    E. H. French,    109
    For convention,    128
    Against,    56
At the next election April 6,

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