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Page 212History of Story County, IowaPage 212

Nevada from the east, July 4, 1864. The first telegraph office at Nevada was about the third of August, 1864. The first American Express office at Nevada was about December 30, 1863. Was incorporated November, 1869.


In the late fall, Boardman Brothers decided to put up a building adapted to and commensurate with their extensive and constantly increasing business. With their characteristic energy the structure has been pushed to rapid completion, and in sixty days from the time the excavations for the foundations were begun. the last brick was laid.

The building is a substantial brick and makes a fine appearance. It has a frontage of fifty feet, a depth of one hundred, and a total height from foundation to top of cornice of over fifty feet. The basement is divided into two rooms longitudinally. The north half is again divided transversely into two rooms twenty-five by fifty feet each. This part of the basement is also made into a complete refrigerator in the following manner: Eight feet from the ground floor is laid a water-tight iron floor. The compartment thus formed between this floor and the floor of the first story constitutes an ice chamber. By an ingenious yet simple arrangement air is made to pass over ice placed in this chamber and then throughout the rooms beneath it, making not only the ice compartment, but the whole north half of the basement a perfect refrigerator. This part of the basement is to be used for pickling or liming eggs. The vats in which the pickling is to be done are of brick and altogether will have a capacity for 300,000 dozens of eggs.

The south half of the basement is divided into three rooms. The front one, twenty-five by forty feet, is to be used as the butter room. The middle room, twenty-five by twenty, with side door, is the receiving room. The rear room, twenty-five by forty, is the freezing room for poultry. This is the room where the patent freezers—capable of freezing poultry in any weather, are to be put in operation.

On the first floor, which is well up from the walk, in the southwest corner, is located the office room, twenty by twenty. Back of the office with side doors are two rooms one for receiving and the other for handling and candling eggs. The north side of the first floor is used for storage of return butter barrels, egg cases, and for salt which is bought by the car-load. And at this point it might be well to add that Boardman Brothers use, and are agents for Ashton's celebrated dairy salt, of which there is none better in the markets of the world.

The second floor is in one room fifty by one hundred, and is intended for general storage of butter tubs, egg cases, etc., used for shipping purposes, and also for a work room where knocked down egg cases and poultry boxes, received by car-loads, are put together. An ice house, thirty by sixty, with an elevation of twenty feet, and

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