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with a capacity of six hundred tons of ice has just been constructed in the rear of the main building. The cost of grounds and buildings will not fall much short of $10.000. The town and county as well as the Messrs. Boardman are to be congratulated on the successful completion of this building enterprise.

But we must look beyond even this manifestation of thrift and energy in order to Lyet a just idea of the wide range of business carried on by the comparatively young men composing this firm. They have $5,000 creameries at Roland and Cambridge, with facilities for manufacturing, at each, 2,500 pounds of butter per day. A large number of hogs are also fattened at the creameries. Last year they handled 700.000 pounds of ladled or reworked butter at an average cost of sixteen cents per pound, and manufactured 125,000 pounds of creamery butter at a cost of twenty-five cents a pound. Their egg purchases footed up 200,000 dozens at an average cost of fifteen cents, and their poultry 228,000 pounds, or ten car-loads at a total cost of $25,000; while their disbursements for corn amounted to about $70,000. They furnish steady employment in their butter, egg and creamery business to thirty men, and during the poultry season to twenty-five more. They are now prepared for a live poultry campaign, and already are dressing turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese at Nevada, Roland, Story City, Carroll and Union, and are buying at all the principal central Iowa stations on the Northwestern and Milwaukee railroads.—(Nevada Representative, Dec. 13, 1882.)

Since the above account of the Boardman Brothers' fine brick block and business was given, they have made some costly additions to the interior and exterior parts of their building. It is believed now its value is not less than $12,000 or $13,000. They are doing an immense business.—(March 1, 1887.)


This issue of the Watchman is the last for the year 1882. The next issue will be in the year 1883. The future of Nevada and Story county is well assured and a lengthy account of its natural progress is unnecessary. Story county, it is well known, is one of the best counties in the state, and is filled with live towns, among which may be named Nevada, Allies, Story City, Colo, Cambridge, Maxwell, Zearing, Collins, Roland, besides others, that are worthy of more than a passing notice. Every town in the county has added greatly to its population and prospect, and only words of encouragement and assistance can be given. Buildings have been erected in every part of the county, and the farm houses that now adorn the landscape make a pleasant sight to all that view it. To particularize is almost useless, as it would simply be a recapitulation of what has been in our columns during the year. Suffice it to say that the stride made during the year throughout the county is far a head of what could have been anticipated at the opening of the year. New farms with comfortable dwellings, and

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