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Page 217History of Story County, IowaPage 217


Ringheim block$16,000
National Bank block——
High School building22,000
White & Bamberger building10,000
Patton building13,800
Union (Zwilling & Hawthorn) building18,000
G. W. Boyd & Co. building5,500
Gillespie building6,500
Ballou building3,500
Alderman building3,200
Otis Briggs building13,000
Ray building10,700
Boardman Brothers building10,000
Gallup building4,500
Opera Hall building13,000
Withey & Hawthorn building——
City Hall building3,500

The Court-house was built in 1875-6, and cost, when finished, over $40,000. With its new dressing (painted to show the appearance of Milwaukee brick) it is a beautiful structure. The sceneries over town and county from its tower are very delightful on a clear day. Every citizen of our county should share in seeing this scenery. It is heated by a steam heating apparatus, which makes the rooms comfortable. It stands on a beautiful though modest elevation. The square on which it stands is 280 feet by 140. There is yet a balance on the court-house bonds unpaid of over $10,000. There has been lack of assessments or the bonds would have been paid by this date.

The High School building is a nice brick building, and will accommodate some 600 or 650 scholars. The entire cost of it has been about $22,000, and is on block five, Mills' addition to Nevada. This is a most beautiful elevation for such purpose.

The City Library contains near 1,400 volumes; the best public library in the county.

For the business men of Nevada see index for " Directory."

The Township of Nevada is one of the interesting townships of the county. The precise center of the county is 101 1/3 rods north and fifty-eight rods west from the northwest corner of Burris' addition to Nevada. Nevada was laid out in August, 1853, thirtythree and a half years ago; and was selected as the county seat by commissioners appointed for the purpose. Its early settlers are named in preceding pages, but I will add a few more, viz: W. W. Utterback, Samuel McDaniel, Adolphus Prouty, John S. Thomas, Barnabas Lowell, .Joseph P. Robinson, Lewis Appellate, Jacob Hefler, R. H. Robinson, W. E. Aldredge, J. C. Aldredge, Amariah Mullen, W. R. Robinson, C. B. Dean, Shelby Baker, A. Dinsmore, J. C. Hempstead, and others of the township. In the village

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