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Page 218History of Story County, IowaPage 218

were: T. E. Alderman, J. H. McLain, Dr. N. A. Kellogg, E. G. Day, T. J. Adamson, D. J. Norris, Thos. Westlake, W. K. Smith, J. J. Bell, Allen Bell, J. N. Moore, Simon Moore, Austin Prouty, A. Bales, John Hail, I. Romane, James Hawthorn, John Scott, Wm. Lockridge, J. C. Lovell, J. C. Moss, D. Child, George Child, Chester Child, Roy Child, J. H. Talbott, R. H. Mitchell, James S. Frazier, Charles Berry, C. D. Berry, Isaac Walker. Wils. Daily. S. S. Webb, J. L. Dana, W. G. Allen, J. W. Cessna, John Parker, Ellis Armstrong, R. D. Coldren, J. R. Meyers, and others. These came, all of them, or nearly all, prior to 1857. The C. & N. W. R. R. road passes through sections 12, 11, 10, 3, 4, 5 and 6, entering the east line at the center of the northeast quarter of section 12, or the south line of said railroad enters at center of said northeast quarter of section 12. The road leaves the west line of the township at or near the center of the west iine of the southwest quarter of section 6, passing along the center of Tenth street in Nevada.

The first passenger train on this road reached Nevada, July 4, 1864.

The two principal streams are East Indian creek and the West Indian. These Indians get together in section 16 in Indian Creek township, and they make Big Indian creek. The East Indian enters the north line of section 2, east of the north quarter section corner of section 2. Then this Indian passes through sections 2, 10, 14, 23, 27 and 34, touching sections 11, 26 and 33, leaving the township a little east of the south quarter section corner of section 33. The West Indian enters the township about fifty rods north of the west quarter section corner of section 7, then passing through sections 7, 18, 19, 29, 30 and 31, leaving the township about sixty rods west of the south quarter section corner of section 31. The Harvey Dye branch enters the township near the northeast corner of section 12, passing through townships 12 and 13, and empties into the East Indian in the southeast quarter of section 14.

For a description of the mills refer to " Mills" in index.

There are two elevators in Nevada that seem to do good service.

There are two tile factories that are surely doing a big business. See index for " Tile Factories."

There are three brick yards, but at this time are not doing a heavy business.

The Boardman Brothers are probably doing the most extensive poultry, egg and butter business (buying and shipping) of any other house in central Iowa. See preceding pages for business heretofore and a description of their building. Here are the figures for their present business:

No. pounds of butter shipped in 1886700,000
No. pounds of poultry shipped during 1886500,000
No. dozen eggs shipped during 1886700,000

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