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of New Jersey, and W. W. Walker, of Iowa, accompanied by a gift of $30,000 in money to aid in the construction of the building. These donations were greatfully acknowledged.

About this time, or prior, Mr. Blair, also, donated grounds to the Methodist Episcopal Church Society upon which a church building was to be erected. Rev. J. R. Williams, of Indiana, gave $100 to aid in the building of the church. Many others of Ames and vicinity, also, made generous donations for this object.

In July, 1868, the Baptist Society was organized. Fourteen persons were in the organization at first. They now have a good church building and a membership of one hundred and twentv-five; at Kelly, twenty-five members. The Methodist Episcopal Society was organized in 1862, in the township, consisting at first of only six members. They afterwards built a fair church building, as well as a good society in Ames. The membership now numbers two hundred, November, 1886. The Congregational Society was organized November, 1865, with a membership of nine persons. They now number one hundred and fifty members and have a good church building. The Episcopalians and Disciples have no regular church building in Ames. For futher information as to church service, see the Church Directory.

There is a new church house, built in 1886, in the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of section 25, township 83, range 24. This is "a United Brethren Church." Is three and a half miles south of Ames.

Hon. William West was the first mayor of Ames, but soon resigned and was succeeded by W. D. Lucas, Esq. See Ames Directory for the year 1886.


The Weekly Intelligencer, a live paper, was first published by Mr. A. McFadden, an experienced newspaper publisher and editor. Its first issue was about April, 1868—nineteen years ago—and is still being published. J. E. Duncan, Esq., is editor and proprietor, and gets up an excellent paper.

The Monitor, a weekly paper, commenced in August, 1885, published by E. W. Clark, who died March 20, 1886, but it ceased being published in August, 1886. The Monitor made a very good appearance. The Aurora, a monthly paper, published at the Iowa Agricultural College, was commenced some fifteen years ago.

Ames is a point of considerable railroad stir in freighting and passenger interest. It is surely a lively place when different passenger trains arrive in connection with each other. The Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad was located through the central part of Story County, east and west, in 1863. Therefore Colo, Nevada, Ames and Ontario are situated on this road. The road now is known as the Chicago & Northwestern road; and surely is one of the best business roads in the western states. At nearly right-an-

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