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Page 233History of Story County, IowaPage 233

gles the Des Moines & Minnesota road crosses the Northwestern at Ames. These roads so accommodate as to have passenger trains connect here, so passengers can take trains for the south, north, east or west, with but little delay. On return to Ames, the passenger can generally, with but little delay, return north, south, east or west, as may be desired.

There are fourteen passenger trains passing through Ames daily at this time, and about — regular freight trains. The Des Moines & Minnesota Railroad passes north from Ames through Franklin and Lafayette Townships—passing through Gilbert station and Story City. Going south from Ames the road passes southwesterly through Washington and Palestine Townships—passing through Kelly and Sbeldahl—crossing the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad nearly one mile and a half north of Sheldahl at what is called Sheldahl crossing.


It cost about $16,000; has six apartments, and will accommodate about three hundred and seventy-five scholars. It is three stories high, including the basement. It is a good looking brick building and arranged in the different departments for comfort and convenience. The building rests on a strong stone basement foundation. It has what some would call four fronts, at least that part above the square indicates it. It has a fine tower containing a well toned bell. The house was built about 1880 or 1881, and is an ornament to Ames. This structure would make a better showing were it on a nice elevation.


Bigelow & Tilden's brick block$12,000
Opera block12,000
High School Building16,000
City Hall1,350
Giles Cook brick blocks, first one on corner (south side of Onondaga street,)5,000
Giles Cook brick blocks, next east Onondaga street3,000
D. Cramblet3,000
Mrs. W. S. Bradley3,900
W. M. Greeley2,500
Samuel Lucas' heirs (post-office building)2,500
T. K. Soper, (south side Onondaga street)4,000
M. Pheney, (south side Onondaga street) 3,000
I. B. Frazee, (south side Onondaga street)3,000
M. Matson, (south side Onondaga street)4,000

The following is a list of improvements made in Ames during the past year,from which it will be seen that there has been a consider

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