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Page 288History of Story County, IowaPage 288

pers of stock and grain and teachers are meant—looms up to over 800. There are many more just as industrious, perhaps, whose names I had no good chance to get. Then, when the names of about 400 business men as indicated by the directories are considered, and a list of near 900 names of early settlers, and 400 names for county officers, since 1852, and 2,000 names of the dead of our county, we have nearly or quite one-half the names of the adult population of the county published in this history.

The history of the townships is preceded, however, by a miscellaneous or general history; also followed by many interesting incidents and statements as the book will show.


A somewhat eccentric bequest has just been made to the Iowa State Agricultural College by a venerable couple living in Florida, by the name of Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Adams were former residents of Iowa, and, with warm regard for the subject of agricultural education, they have set aside a handsome tract of land in Allamakee County, in Northeastern Iowa. The rental of the land is to be set apart as the Adams endowment fund for the benefit of the- State Agricultural College till the year 1936, when the amount is to be used for the support of one or more pupils in the school. The Agricultural College is already the wealthiest school in the State, with an endowment of hundreds of thousands of acres, but the bequest from Florida will be accepted, nevertheless, for the good motive that prompted it.—(Nov. 24, 1886.)

The grand jury at Sioux City has returned indictments for the murder and conspiracy against Arrensdorf and nine of his accomplices in the Haddock murder. This grand jury has been regarded with much suspicion, but to its credit it is stated that the indictments were all adopted by a unanimous vote. The conviction at Sioux City has grown very strong that one Peters, who was a driver of a brewery wagon and a witness to the murder of Haddock, has also been murdered by Arrensdorf, and his body burned in the brewery furnace.


The Board of Supervisors canvassed the vote of Story County Monday. The official canvass differs in no material respect from the unofficial returns published last week, and will be given in our next issue. The totals and the majorities are as follows:


Jackson2005— -991
Farnham (Pro.)5

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