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Page 314History of Story County, IowaPage 314

trolled. The interest is also taking deep and earnest hold of the male part of our country.

The vote given on the Prohibitory Amendment to the Constitution of Iowa, in 1882, will evidence the sentiment of her people on that question—1921 votes for and only 553 against, in Story County. The majority in the State was nearly 30,000 for prohibition.

This was an unpartizan vote, and, probably, was a very true expression of the sentiment of the people.


During 1859 there was held at the Court-house in Nevada a railroad meeting to consider the matter of trying to secure, somehow, a continuation of the railroad from Cedar Rapids westward through Nevada, etc. At the meeting there were four delegates appointed, if I mistake not, to meet railroad men at Cedar Rapids to consider what could be done in getting an extension westward; for Cedar Rapids was a point already fixed by the terminus of the road from the East. I believe T. C. McCall, James Hawthorn, John Scott, and S. S. Statler were the delegates selected. After considerable discussion and interchange of views there were directors elected for the new company along the line from Cedar Rapids to the Missouri River. This new company was called the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad Company. At that convention James Hawthorn was elected one of the directors in this new company. We had good men for delegates. After his election as director, Mr. Hawthorn went into the work with a will and secured $600 or $700 in Story County, and as much in Boone for a preliminary survey through these counties. Well, as we old settlers know, after much hard work had been done and money pledged by our citizens, the survey was made, and finally a location was secured and the road built; but the county gave the swamp lands with the condition the road be built within 3,000 feet of the court-house. Finally the railroad company got the land and the people got the railroad. The difficulty that followed in regard to the station is explained elsewhere.

There has been an effort made to secure a railroad from Newton via Nevada and towards Webster City, or some point north or northwesterly. There have been two surveys made and taxes voted in this county, as well as others, in the townships through which the road was to pass. But up to this date the road has not been built. Several of the citizens of Nevada spent much time and money to secure it. The most active workers on it were James Hawthorn and T. J. Ross and J. L. Dana. Major Hawthorn also worked on it northwesterly for quite a time in other counties, if memory serves me right, and spent time and much of his money in the effort. This road we ought to have yet. There also has

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