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Page 337History of Story County, IowaPage 337

class. No. one. Mr. Golden has two other barns near by, that would be called good were they not near the monster barn. Having a good dwelling near by and the three barns make the scenery look like a village. The barn covers 3,824 square feet of ground.

Esq. Robert Richardson near Elwell, and in Center Grove, has a stock and hay barn that is said to cover 7,600 square feet of ground but its foundation is not so strong as Mr. Golden's barn. It is a monster. Mr. Richardson's dwelling, as to plan, structure and finish, is one of the first class buildings in the county, so far as I have noticed. Of course I am not classifying with the magnificent company buildings in the towns.

W. H. Jones, one mile east of Cambridge, is guilty of a heavy expenditure in one of the good barns. It is three stories high including the basement, which is a good one, built of heavy rock. This barn is class two. There are many barns as large, but is a more substantial building than many others. I find his dwelling class two.

To return to Indian Creek Township, I find some excellent buildings, but will be able to name only a few. Will say Isaac Horton, in the northwest corner of Indian Creek Township has a fair new dwelling class two. R. A. Robinson, section 8, township 82, range 22, has a fine dwelling near class one. Jesse R. Wood has made very permanent and valuable improvements on his dwelling, so it will class two. W. K. Wood has a good house class two. Geo. W. Hempstock, of Grant Township, has a very finely finished dwelling. Its interior arrangements are convenient and good. It is class one. The Dutton—Alderman brick building and barns are noticed elsewhere on pages 225 and 226.

Wm. Fultz, on the northwest quarter of section 20, township 83, range 22, Nevada Township, has a good barn and about class two. John McConnel has a good barn about class two. His dwelling is of brick; is a plain building, one and a half or two stories high. Wm. II. Finley's fine dwelling of one and a half or two stories high, and near the southeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 2,9, township 83, range 22, is a good one but not so fancy as others. It is class two. I classify the very best No. 1, or class one. Class four is very ordinary.

Will now notice F. A. McLain's premises. His dwelling is high class two. His barn, also, will class number two. It is most a wonder that Frank is able to have things so nice, and so much stock around him, while he has so small a patch of ground-only about 1,100 or 1,200 acres of land. Well, poor men sometimes will get proud and fixy, and have things nice. Frank, go on! These nice fixings are on the northeast of the northeast quarter of section 15, townhship 83, range 22, about three and a half miles from Nevada.

Promiscuously I pass to Lafayette Township. Will now notice the energy and stir of Mrs. Jacob Born. She has the premises covered with chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks. She claimed to

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