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Page 380History of Story County, IowaPage 380

Every citizen has a market near his residence for anything he wishes to sell, or to buy; and we have a business firm in our midst of very great value to the whole county, and it is the business firm of


By referring to page 212 we find in 1882 the Board man building and business very minutely described—a building exactly adapted to their extensive business. The business done by Boardman Bros. in the buying, packing and shipping poultry, eggs, butter, and other shipments, is very extensive, and is the means of giving employment to a large number of teamsters, buyers, pickers, packers, etc., and makes a big market for all such business all over the country, and is the means of bringing into our county an enormous amount of money per annum, when the business of Wingert & Riddlebarger and others are considered also in this traffic.

What other business is so full of relief to the masses of the people as this business for the amount invested? Boardman Bros. are having constantly a large number employed, and are themselves energetic, thorough—going men—men who mean business. They are making a big business for Story County beyond question, and it is to be desired at the same time that they are doing well for Boardman Bros. This traffic has become a very important factor in the business of the country, and standing out so independently from any other, it has no competition from any other business of the farm products.


The following list of names is of those who own or did own, four years ago, 400 acres or over in one or more townships of the County, as shown by Plat Book in the Auditor's office, in 1882. Some now own less, others own more than they did four years ago. Some new owners, doubtless, have come to the front since 1882. Some of those in the list are not residents of the County. A few of the largest land holders will be given, viz.; Hon. T. C. McCall, 2,587 acres; Mr. H. E. J. Boardman, of Marshall County, 2,570 acres; Ole Apland, (now dead), 1,586 ' acres; J. W. Ambrose, 1,380 acres, in 1852. Mr. Ambrose now (1887) owns about 1,297 acres in Story County; Judiah Ray, 1,177 acres; F. A. McLain, 1,200 acres; T. E. Alderman, 1,200 acres; J. D. Lahman, 1,070 acres; D. F. Lahman & Co., 1,045 acres; J. C. Mitchell, 1,083; James Dillon, 960 acres; W. K. Wood, 925 acres; M. C. Allen and M. E. Hix, 651 acres; J. H. Sinclair, 1,415; Wm. Fertig, 820 acres; A. Foust, 800 acres; S. Hix. 880 acres; G. W. Sowers, 770 acres; John Scott, 730 acres; John Waugh, 720 acres; E. Furnas, 711 acres; S. C. Wilkins, 719 acres; Wm. Golden, 680 acres; Rogers & Spinning, 751 acres; Tor-

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