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Page 441History of Story County, IowaPage 441

Arrasmith, Wm. H., 1/4 year, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Eckard, John H., 2 1/2 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Eckard, Marv J., 3 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Eckard, C. W., 5 1/4 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Hussong, Jesse, 34 11-12 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Hussong, J. W., 5 2-3 years, Arrasmith Cemetery. Hussong, Mary E., 5-6 year, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Hussong, Sarah, 3 1/2 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Harris. Celia M., 1 5-6 years, Arrasmith Cemetery.

Two children, names unknown.

Bales, James, 56 years, in Maxwell Cemetery.

Dunlap, Mrs. H., 76 years, Maxwell Cemetery.

Macy, Wmn., 3 years, Maxwell Cemetery.

Bechtel, Minnie, 9 years, Cambridge Cemetery.

McIntosh, J. M., 28 years, Cambridge Cemetery.

Day, E. G., 59 years, Nevada Cemetery.

McGuire, John, 106 years, Nevada Catholic Cemetery.

McNichols, James, 88 years, Nevada Catholic Cemetery.

Kellogg, Dr. N. A., 29 7-12 years, Nevada Cemetery.

Ballard, Simon, died 1850, and buried at Ballard Grove.

Jones, M. C., (Mayor) 45 years, Ames Cemetery.

Wheeler, Geo., 67 years, Ames Cemetery.

Young, J. G., 90 2-3 years, Ames Cemetery.

Danskin, J. D., 28 years, Colo Cemetery.

Kennedy, Mrs. Louisa, 64 years, Collins Township.


This hotel is a large and commodious building, four stories high including basement story. It is probably the largest hotel in Story County, and is now undergoing a rich finish in painting. It now is having a beautiful appearance, and is just across the street east from our beautiful Court House.


Capt. K. W. Brown's new brick building will, when completed, be a good building, if finished according to plan. It will be twenty and a half feet wide by sixty feet long, three stories high including the basement. It will be placed where the one stood that was destroyed by fire; value, when finished, including lot, about $2,000.


The Methodists are building a new church to cost near or quite $5,000. The United Brethren are also building a church. The

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