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bel Dana, Ben. F. Bates, George Frazier, Charles Tanner, Millie Butt, Elfa Lockridge, Rosa Butt, and Chas. Talbott. Mr. and Mrs. Payne having resigned in September of this year the teachers employed were Prof. A. H. Sniff and Miss McFarland in the High school, and in the other rooms the teachers of the previous year. During that winter trouble began with the heating apparatus.

In December, 1880, Miss Ada McClelland was employed as first assistant in the High school.

In March, 1881, Otis Briggs and J. S. Frazier succeeded Samuel Briggs and T. C. McCall as members of the board. There was no graduating class, neither were there any promotions in 1881.

In September, 1881, the school year found the teachers of the previous year in the building except Miss McFarland, who had resigned much to the regret of the C and D classes. Miss Rankin succeeded Miss McFarland; and during 1881 two new departments were added, in which Mrs. Sniff and Miss Ella Wright were employed. Miss Rankin soon resigned, and in January, 1882, Miss McClelland having resigned, Mrs. Sniff was transferred to the High school, and Miss Frazier promoted to take her place.

During the winter of 1881 much difficulty was experienced in properly heating the building; smoke was the rule, and warmth and comfort the exception. The furnaces were abandoned and stoves put up.

The electors in 1882 chose Dr. Schooler and R. J. Silliman to represent them as members of the school board.

The graduating class of 1881 consisted of Kate Thompson, Susie Gillespie, A. Van Storm, Hattie Smith, Minnie Simmons, Etta Lockridge, Abbie Joor, Earnest Wireman and Chas. Curtis.

Early in 1882 work began on the new school-house addition of four rooms.

The board is now composed of Otis Briggs, R. J. Silliman, H. F. Murphy, Dr. Schooler, J. S. Frazier, and Dr. Farrar. J. S. Frazier, president; A. E. Lucas, secretary.

The school at the present time consists of seven departments, namely, the High school, two grammar, two intermediate, and two primary departments. The new teachers are F. E. Plummer, Miss Fait, Miss Warrick, Miss West, Miss Lewis, and Miss Purkhiser. They have already become deservedly popular with pupils and patrons.

Much interest has always been manifested by the citizens in our schools; and parents, almost without exception, cheerfully cooperate with teachers in all efforts to properly train and educate their children.


WHITE ROOK, Kansas, January, 1883.

DEAR BROTHER AND SISTER:—We arrived safely at our destination Wednesday at 6:30 P. M. Found Mr. Leach waiting. All

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