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Page 478History of Story County, IowaPage 478



Agricultural Society—First Organization10, 13
Appraisement Law Demanded7
Agr. Col. and Farm—First Meeting to Secure30 31
Ames—Early History Of51, 231, 232, 244
An Early Liquor Case24, 25
Appeal to Gen. Grant by a Little Girl118
Aunt Dinas Hymn82
Age of the Presidents89, 90
Alderman—Dutton Farm225
Appeal to Board Supervisors by Mrs. A.307
Appraised value of Nevada Property136
Agr. Col. location by active work236
Ames' Press—Their Newspapers232
Appraised Value of County farm and other property298, 299
Attys at Law for 1857 and Later36
Adams' Bequest to Iowa288
Agricultural Farm—Trustees names who located the Agricultural Farm236
Adams Clay and Gough312
Arrasmith Family Cemetery440, 441


Barns Good Ones—W. Golden's225, 334
Barns Good Ones—Others225
Born Mrs. Jacob337
Boardman Bros. Block212, 213
Boardman Bros. (Business)134, 218, 219, 380
Boone Republican for Story County72
Boundary of County First Fixed etc10
Brass Band probably first in County14
Barnabas Lowell sent to Penitentiary for life33
Burial Permits215
Business Blocks in Ames—Value of233
Back Wooks Justice—Amusing124, 125
Business of County for 1885—'86
Business Blocky of Nevada—Value of217
Belle Planes Deluge Well165
Briggs S. E. First School Teacher at Johnson Grove29
Bond Question—Court House69, 70, 71, 72
Barkers Grove127
Be Honorable94
Brotherhood of Counties and Railroads314, 315
Bennaman Mrs. Mary435


County Officers4 First9, 20, 21, 22
Col. Scott's History of County18, 64
College Farm Celebration July 4 185931
County Seat Located and when40

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