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the year 1870. The church is reported as prospering, and will soon be quite strong if its present healthy growth continues. The present pastor is the much esteemed Rev. Father McVrey, of Boone, though the church will soon sustain a resident pastor. It is probable that a church will also be built at Colo before long, as many Catholics live in that part of the county.

Besides those already mentioned, there are many other churches, some of which have houses of worship, and some that have not. There are Christian churches at Ontario, and near Bloomington; Evangelist church at Iowa Center and Colo; fine Congregational and and Baptist churches at Ames; a church of United Brethren at Palestine; a church of Adventists at Nevada and Iowa Center; the New Light church of which Rev. W. B. Hand was the preacher more than twenty years ago near Iowa Center, is said to be still in existence, though without a house of worship; there are Dunkards, Winebrenarians, Spritualists, Universalists, and probably other sects, of which no information has been given me and of which I have but little knowledge.


The first lodge of Free Masons was organized under dispensation dated January 15, 1857, a charter being granted in June following, of which John Scott, Ed. Schoonover. T. B. Kelly, Jas. Hawthorne, W. H. Richardson, Chas. Schoonover, H. F. Murphy, Wm. McGuire, B. J. Dunning, and T. E. Alderman were the members. It was opened in the Nevada Hall, this being the second story of T. J. Adamson's old " New York Store," then standing just east of the northeast corner of the South Square. It continued to occupy that hall until the present lodge room was built in 1868, the old building having meantime been removed to its present site, a few feet south of the Presbyterian church. The order has had a reasonable share of prosperity; Nevada Lodge No. 99 still flourishes, while the lodges at Apes and Colo have wince been organized, partly from its membership, and all are in a healthy condition.

Columbia Lodge, No. 292, at Colo, was granted a dispensation June 30, 1870, and the charter was granted by the Grand Lodge, June 8, 1871. The returns for 1875 show a membership of thirty-two, and the lodge is said to be in a healthy condition.

Arcadia Lodge, No. 249, at Ames, was granted a dispensation on the fifteenth day of October, 1868, of which M. J. Bandy, was Master W. D. Lucas was Senior Warden, and L. Q. Hoggatt was Junior Warden, with sixteen others. A charter was granted at the meeting of the Grand Lodge in .Tune, 1869. At that time the lodge reputed a membership of twenty-two Master Masons. The returns for the year 1875, show a membership of thirty-two.


Central Iowa Lodge, No. 104, I. O. O. F., was organized June 20, 1857. The charter members were Lyman Wilkinson, B. J. Dunning, S. S. Webb, J. S. Blickensderfer and Sam S. Statler.

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