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Page 481History of Story County, IowaPage 481

Goshen—second postoffice in County, where275
Gov. Larrabee's Temp Proclamation310
Grand Army of Republic114,115144
Gilles and the jail prisoners76
Grand Jury, new148152
Grinnell's opinion of saloons303
Grain and stock, shipped from County, (see shipments)
Govenors of Iowa up to Feb., 1887403
Groves—all in the County388
Grant Twp.stockmen and others224


Horse races and election adjourned77, 78
Hog cholera117120
Hog stories6, 105
Homicides, etc55, 56
How attorneys were admitted by Judge McFarland34
History of each Twp. separately see page169
How " Whisky Jim 'beat R. W. B67
Hannum's mill taken to Odebolt385
Houses burnt from time to time76, 104, 106, 119, 120, 126, 144197
Howard Twp. stockmen and others183, 184
Houses burnt103, 109, 119, 207, 251, 261300
History of Twps. closed and other items named287
Huxley and Palestine250
Henderson's charge to Grand Jury304
Hutchings House441


Items of general news75, 7681, 9096
Items from Story County Advocate 1857, page6
Items—Various of interest132, 133
Inventory of Nevada City property136
Isaac Smith Killed a bear, etc65
Iowa Center, when laid out and where276
Tile Factory381
Indian Creek Twp stockmen and others276
Inmates of State Institutions398
The Townships334
County for 188296, 97, 98, 99
Ingersoll, R. G308
I. O. G. Templars (district meeting432


Judge Stutsman on Temperance306
Judge John L. Stevens on Violators313
Judge Burton on Enforcing Law310
Judge McFarland to Grand Jury in Marion County78
Judge McFarland and Whisky34, 35
Judicial District, new147
June Session—statement of funds396
Judge Henderson to Grand Jury304, 305
Judge Hubbard on Saloons301
Judge John L. Stevens is for enforcing law313
January Session, 1886—funds on hand396397

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