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Page 482History of Story County, IowaPage 482


Kirkman murder72, 73, 74
Killed by the cars81, 261
L. Lucas, Mrs. H., P. Mistress of Ames228
List and names of Story County's dead soldiers435440
Locating vote of Trustees on Agricultural Farm31, 32
Louisiana Purchase18, 20
Location of County Seat8, 9
Location and names of Trustees31, 32, 236
Location of Nevada Station settled221
Location of Agricultural Farm sneeringly opposed144
Leave Ames 18 or 20 times every 24 hours246
Leona C. Thatcher—beautiful poetry92
Luther Creek explained194
Library at Cambridge254
Library at Ames231
Library at Nevada220
Library at College, 5,540 books128246
Large land—holders of the County380
Large list (861) old settlers of the County357361
Lincoln Twp stockmen and others176
Lafayette Twp. stockmen and others191
List of valuable names451, 452


Meeting opposed to forced sales7
Masonic organization, first in County48
Military History, by Col. John Scott5863
Mills, all in the county, water and steam382, 385, 386, 387
Marriage Licenses for each month316, 324
Mayors of Nevada, List of222
Mayors of Aines, List of244
Mayors of Cambridge, List of267
Mayors of Maxwell. List of277
Mayors of Colo, List of209
Mayors of Story City, List of191
Mayors of Zearing, List of175
Mayors of Sheldahl, List of249, 326
McCallsburg, when and where laid off179
Maxwell, Celebration of, 1883272, 276
Members of Churches—See Directory
Mason and Dixon's Line Explained372
Moore, May E., and Dr. Fuller—Early'reachers at Nevada27, 29
Money Order Offices in County377
McKim, L., Ships his own stock130
Milford Township, Stockmen and Others200
Miles of Railroad Taxed in Each Township142 143
Military Co. (U)—New163
Moving Sheldahl433
More about the Spirit Lake Massacre434


Nevada's Judicial District147
Nevada's Financial Report139, 142
Nevada's Improvements—for year 1886215
Nevada Station, when fixed221
Nevada—Marshall Concert107,108, 109
Nevada, Funds—Statement for 1886139, 142
Nevada—First house built40

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