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Page 485History of Story County, IowaPage 485

Tile Factory of Lockridge & Beatty99
Tomlinson, Thos., Frozen to Death—Cause of273
Then and Now334, 342, 377
The First Stake on the College Farm—When driven376
Timber, Shelter and Shade94
The Press of the County—All401
Townships—History of each, viz.:
      Lincoln (Col. Scott's History of, page 55)169176
      Warren (Col. Scott's History of, page 54)177180
      Howard (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)180184
      Lafayette (Col. Scott's History of. page 54)184192
      Franklin (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)192196
      Milford (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)197200
      Richland (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)200203
      Sherman (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)203205
      New Albany (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)205211
      Nevada (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)211223
Townships——History of each, viz.:
      Grant (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)223226
      Washington (Col. Scott's History of, pave 53)226246
      Palestine (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)246252
      Union (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)252268
      Indian Creek (Col. Scott's History of, page 55)269280
      Collins (Col. Scott's History of, page 53)280287
Twenty Chances to Leave Ames, etc 246
Terms of Court, 11th District, for 1887395


Utterback's Bereavement115
Union Meeting of May, 1861219
Union Township, Stockmen and Others266
Ungenerous and unkind442


Vote of Trustees Locating Agricultural Farm32
Vote on Prohibitory Amendment to State Constitution313
Vote on the Word " White" to be Stricken354
Vote on Various Questions Submitted353355
Veterans, List of153160
Vincent, W. S., Saved from Freezing to Death285
Value of County Farm and other Property for 1887298, 299
Value of Nevada City Property136398
Valuable names451, 452


Waterloo & Des Moines early Railroad Engineer Corps24
War Dance in 185617
Workers for Location of Agricultural Farm353356
W. W, Walker on Locating Nevada Station221
Wedding Anniversaries373
Wonders of the World376
Washington Township, Stockmen and Others243
Warren Township, Stockmen and Others179
Walters, Caleb, and the Wolf41
W. R. C. Meeting in G. A. H.167168
Word " White" Stricken—Vote on354


Zearing—When and where laid out, and when incorporated175
Zearing—Was once named " Ashhurst "169

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