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Page 64History of Story County, IowaPage 64

rection or arrangement, the limited space afforded, and press of other business on my attention, must be my apology for the incompleteness of the treatment on this subject. It would be interesting to gather many additional facts that are now accessible if one had leisure to do so, but the " old settlers " will not write them, and therefore it would require considerable labor to get them in form. I am under obligations to Judge Evans, T. E. Alderman, J. A. Fitchpatrick, John R. Hays, T. J. Ross, T. C. McCall, Rev. J. Reid, Judge Mitchell, John Connelly; H. C. Wickham, R. H. Robinson, T. C. Davis, J. H. Talbott, Joshua Cooper, S. F. Balliet, John Evanson, A. Duff, N. R. Griffin and others for assistance and items. Also to Mr. Gallup for the files in his office. If there are many interesting facts not noted, and even whole neighborhoods unnoticed, it must be imputed to my having been unable to get any response to my appeals for help. (Signed.)


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