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Even should they or any future Board be disposed to levy the full 2 mills each year, with the intention of building more than a $40,000 Court House, they could not do that, for the Supreme Court has decided that not a dollar can be put into the building of a Court House that is not actually voted by the people. Therefore, the only difference between a 2 mills' levy, or a 1 mills' levy, would be that the one would pay the $40,000 in from six to eight years, while the other would require, probably, the full ten years.

As far as the Board is concerned at present and as far as all whom we have talked with, have expressed any opinion, it has been universally in favor of the bonds.


From the Boone Republican, 1875.

The confluence of the melifluous sounding Skunk and Squaw Creeks is found in the southern part of this country with timber, some coal, water power and an abundance of stock water ; add to this an inexhaustible soil, with prudent, industrious and enterprising people, and you have all the elements of a prosperous county. Nevada and Ames, on the N. W. R. R. divide the trade and the population pretty equally between themselves each claiming 1,200 people. The former has the Court House, the latter the Agricultural College, and each makes a pet of its "peculiar institution."

Nevada is destitute of a single saloon or licensed drug store, and still they prosper, have one of the roost intelligent and refined little communities in the State of Iowa, and certainly know the art of treating a visitor in the most hospitable manner.

The Normal Institute closes this week, seventy teachers having been present, an excellent course of evening lectures well attended, and everything has passed off to the entire satisfaction of our earnest working Superintendent Franks.

Iowa boasts of no more modest, neat and sparkling gem among her hundred jewels than Story County.


From the Representative.

Since the publication of our last paper, some new steps have been taken in reference to the Kirkman murder, but as far as we can learn, we cannot say as any definite conclusion has been arrived at as to who were the actual perpetrators of the deed. That seems to be the main point of interest, and it is the most difficult to solve. If the public could have known to a certainty who did the deed, it would have taken but a very few moments time to have ascertained what steps to have taken in the matter. But owing to uncertainty surrounding the whole thing, and the doubt as to who

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