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Page 9History of Story County, IowaPage 9

ination of a number of localities, they decided on the location which Nevada now is occupying; the e nw and the w net section 7, township 83, range 22. Jenkins W. Morris entered the land July 1, 1853, showing entry four days after the location was made. The location was made June 27,1853, because Mr. Thos. Mitchell, (one of the commissioners), was not present on account of sickness in his family. Messrs. Thrift and Edgar made the location, and Mr. Thrift named the town— "Nevada." It was a favorite name called after the "Sierra Nevada" range of mountains in California. It is said Mr. Thrift was so attached to the name "Sierra Nevada," he named a daughter of his "Sierra Nevada."

Judge E. C. Evans, who was then the county Judge arranged with Mr. Morris for the land, in payment of which the judge gave a deed in behalf of the county for one-third the lots and blocks, when the one hundred and sixty acres were laid off regularly. As a matter of course Jenkins W. Morris had to first deed to the county, then the other arrangements followed.

Soon after this location was made, say within two months after, Nevada was regularly surveyed by Mr.—Barnard, surveyor of Polk County.

Prior to the location the following election took place:

At the first election held in the county, April 4, 1853, the following county officers were elected: Evan C. Evans, County Judge; for Recorder, John Zenor for Clerk, Franklin Thompson; for Sheriff, Eli Deal; Surveyor, Otho French; Coroner, Shadrick Worral; School Fund Commissioner, John H. Kiegley.

The votes were canvassed by the first Board of Canvasser for the county, Samuel B. McCall, County Judge, of Boone County, Adolphus Prouty and James Corben, assisting Justices of the Peace of Story County. There were then two precincts—"Indian" and "Story." Sixty-three votes were cast April 4, 1853, for County Judge. The Board counted the votes April 9, 1853. Immediately after these county officers elect were sworn in, the county set up "House-keeping" for itself.

You will see by our Official and Business directory for 1857, on page 18, (the first directory of nearly the same kind appeared in February, 1857,) that we were nearly all Land Agents, Attorneys at Law, Doctor,, Merchants, etc., etc. Well, when we could not sell land or town lots to strangers, we would try each other so as to keep up the boom.

Well, in the Advocate of February, 1857, I find this war-like news: "Two two-horse wagon loads of muskets passed through this place," (Nevada), "last week bound for Ft. Dodge. This looks decidedly war-like. They will assist, no doubt, in keeping the Indians in check if necessary." We old settlers well recollect the Indian scare we had in 1857, at the time of the Spirit Lake massacre. Some of the citizens of Story County left their homes and came to Nevada for protection and safety; but the scare was soon over, and they returned in peace to their respective homes. This was about

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