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educated at the College of William and Mary and in range of knowledge is thought to compare favorably with Burke, was fiftyeight; James Madison, a graduate of Princeton, was fifty-eight; James Monroe, who left the College of William and Mary to join the Revolutionary army, was fifty-nine; John Quincy Adams, who, like John Adams, was a Harvard graduate, was fifty-eight; Andrew Jackson was sixty-two; Martin Van Buren was fifty-five; James K. Polk, who graduated at the University of North Carolina, was fifty; Franklin Pierce, who graduated at Bowdoin College, was forty-nine; James Buchanan, a graduate of Dickinson College, was sixty-six; General Grant, the only man West Point has trained for the White House, was forty-seven and Rutherford B. Hayes, was fifty-five. Thirteen of the Presidents, including Garfield, a graduate of Williams College, and Arthur, who graduated at Union College in 1848, have been college-bred men, but they reached the goal of their ambition no earlier in life than the Presidents whose educational advantages were more limited. President Harrison graduated at Hampden Sidney College, and President Tyler at the College of William and Mary.

General Grant was the youngest of the Presidents at the time of inauguration, although he is now about six months older than ex-President Hayes, and eight and a half older than President Arthur. If he lives as long as the elder Adams, he has almost thirty years before him. Five Presidents have lived more than eighty years, .John .Adams dying at ninety; Jefferson at eightythree; Madison at eighty-five; .John Q. Adams at eighty-one and Martin Van Buren at eighty. Polk is the only President who died a natural death at less than sixty years of age, reaching but fifty-four. Lincoln was cut off at fifty-six and Garfield at fifty-one. The former would be but seventy-three were he now living. It is evident that the office of Chief Executive is not unfavorable to longevity.—New York Mail and Express. (1882.)

Sheriff Banks took Willie Richardson, of this city, to the Eldora Reform School, Mondav. He reports the new building a fine one and the whole institution, now under the care of Superintendent Mills, in first-class order.—(November 29, 1882.)

The following named persons have been elected to attend, as delegates, to the Woman's Suffrage Society, to be held in Des Moines this week, Thursday: J. B. Fenn, N. G. Hambleton, M. J. Bixby, H. J. Robinson, Mrs. H. F. Murphy and Mrs. K. Child.—(November 22, 1882.)

T. F. Talbot; the gentleman ehosen to distribute the fund collected for cyclone sufferers, visited Mount Pleasant last week. Here is what the Free Press has to say on the subject:

"The amount disbursed in October was $6,514.84, making the whole amount distributed in Henry County $7,284.84, being within a trifle of one quarter of the whole State fund contributed, which was a little less than $30,000. Of this amount Poweshiek County,

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