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Page 93History of Story County, IowaPage 93

Lockwood & Son shipped three cars of cattle, and a car of hogs on Monday.—(December, 1882.)

Nevada, Iowa, 1883.—A letter, to be found in this issue, from our old and respected citizen, W. G. Allen, contains suggestions which are entitled to candid consideration. There is no doubt a general desire among the voters of the county to know the position of the respective legislative candidates on the prohibition question; and to give or withhold their support according as such position shall be satisfactory or otherwise. In view of this fact, it might be well for the several candidates for legislative honors, in either House, to gratify this desire by stating, in this or some other county paper, their proposed solution of the prohibition problem.

George H. Wright, a prominent practical farmer, and one of the trustees of the State Agricultural College, has devoted considerable time and money to the raising of black walnut timber, and he is decidedly in favor of it. He has sold 1,000,000 young trees to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, to be set out along that road. He says the trees will begin to pay in six or eight years, and will do well on the high or average prairie. Plant five or six feet apart, and in five years it will be necessary to cut out some, and in eight years they will be large enough for fence posts; in ten years would be eighteen to twenty inches in diameter. The first cutting would pay all the cost of cultivation.—(December, 1882.)


Some antiquarian has dug up these figures as the pay received by the first Congress : " The Continental Congress met on the 16th of May, 1775 ; the number of members was sixty-four. At this time a member appeared from St. John's Parish, Georgia, and afterward the colony of Georgia sent an entire delegation. Each colony paid its own delegation. New Hampshire allowed to each all expenses, a servant, two horses, and a guinea a day ; Massachusetts, expenses and $3 a day ; Rhode Island and Maryland, forty shillings a day and expenses ; Virginia, a half Johannes per day ; North Carolina, £50 per annum; South Carolina, £300 per annum; Georgia, £100 per month while in session."—(August 16, 1882.)


The first quarterly convention of the Story County S. S. Association will be held at Zearing, Sunday, August 20., 1882.

All persons interested in Sunday school work are cordially invited to attend and participate in the exercises of the meeting.

S. S. PAXTON, Pres't Co. Association.

August 16, 1882.

The family dog ran under the barn at Moscow, Iowa. A boy threw a lighted cracker after him to scare him out. The dog's gone—so is the barn.—(August 25, 1882.)

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