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The miscellaneous ages at the end of the census appear to be people at institutions. These pages are extremely faint and largely unreadable.

Collins Township (pp. 003-023)
     Collins (Town of) (pp. 029-036)
Franklin Township (pp. 048-079)
Grant Township (pp. 082-106)
Howard Township (pp. 114-142)
     Roland (Town of) (pp. 144-157)
Indian Creek Township (pp. 164-188)
     Maxwell (Town of) (pp. 202-223)
Lafayette Township (pp. 231-259)
     Story City (Town of) (pp. 267-294)
Lincoln Township (pp. 298-319)
     Zearing (Town of) (pp. 323-333 listed out of order)
Milford Township (pp. 336-360)
Nevada Township (pp. 374-391)
     Nevada 1st Ward (pp. 399-416)
     Nevada 2nd Ward (pp. 419-434)
     Nevada 3rd Ward (pp. 437-452)
     Nevada 4th Ward (pp. 456-471)
New Albany Township (pp. 476-495)
     Colo (Town of) (pp. 505-514)
Palestine Township (pp. 517-553)
     Slater (Town of) (pp. 556-570)
     Sheldahl (Town of) (pp. 575-578)
Richland Township (pp. 588-609)
Sherman Township (pp. 613-634)
Union Township (pp. 649-676)
     Cambridge (Town of) (pp. 680-694)
Warren Township (pp. 701-727)
Washington Township (pp. 730-758)
Ames 1st Ward (pp. 761-773)
Ames 2nd Ward (pp. 776-800)
Ames 3rd Ward (pp. 803-823)
Ames 4th Ward (pp. 826-830)
Miscellanous (pp. 832-836)