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The census has been abstracted from microfilm. Because the original census book has a tight binding, some fields in the center of the page are lost or only partly visable. Of particular frustration is the "occupation" field for which only the end of the field is visible. Often one may assume that "?mer" is farmer, but of course that may not be true. Also the fields for whether the parents are foreign or native are not visable on most pages. For a complete description of the 1895 census, read the instructions to the assessors for completing the census.

The 1895 census is as of January 1, 1895. The ages given are "as of" that person's birthday in 1894. If born in 1894, the age was supposed to be recorded as "0". (One census taker recorded "B" rather than "0.") This means that if the age was correctly recorded, you can easily determine the year of birth by subtracting the age from 1894.

People who died in 1894 are also included in the census. I have indicated them in the Occupation field by "Died in 1884" or "Born & Died in 1894."

Abbreviations used in the census column headers:

Special characters used in data:

In performing this abstraction, data was omitted for the following fields:

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